Elm Street Ventures is a seed and early stage venture fund based in New Haven, Connecticut. Our emphasis is on the life sciences, with approximately 70% of our investments to date in companies developing laboratory tools, diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics, and other health care related products and services. The remaining 30% of our commitments are in green technology, information technology and other industries.
        We believe strongly that successful businesses address an attractive market with products or services well-protected by patents, trade secrets, or other means, an experienced management team, and one or more entrepreneurial founders passionate about building a successful business.
An important part of our efforts is focused on creating and initially operating life sciences companies founded on intellectual property developed at Yale University and other research institutions in the region (from New York City through Southern New England).
        By providing management expertise and early stage capital, ESV catalyzes new company formation, working closely with scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to build significant technology companies from the seed and early stage.To date, Elm Street Ventures has co-founded and/or provided initial seed financing to nine of the dozen companies in our portfolio.
        While we expect to be co-founders of companies in some circumstances, we are also interested in hearing from entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers who have already formed or plan to form new ventures.